Anton Van Niekerk

Intestment Manager

Anton (71) holds a B. Econ (Hons) degree from the University of Stellenbosch.  He has advised on/managed portfolios for over 25 years, the Olympiad funds from end of November 2016 to March 2021.  Prior to Olympiad unit trust, Anton managed the AJ Wrap Funds from 1/6/2009.

The AJ High Curve/Balanced Wrap Fund which turned into the Oympiad BCI Managed FOF in 2016, with about 30% in cash at all times, yielded a return of 170.12% from 1/6/2009 to 31/8/2019 net of fund management and lisp fees.(Source: Aims). In comparison the urban inflation rate was 67.31% and the SA High Equity Managed funds yielded 140.22%.   (Source:  Morningstar).

Greatest achievement – Protecting investor’s funds from local stock market crash in 2008/09 and positive returns over the last two years.

Past Performances of Wrap Funds Managed By
Anton Van Niekerk

AJ Balanced Wrap Fund

01/06/2009 - 31/07/2016

AJ Worldwide Wrap Fund

03/05/2013 - 31/07/2016

Source: Aims/InetBridge
The value of the investment may increase / decrease and past performance is no indicator of future growth.

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