The skill and ability to move in and out of asset classes

Fund Factsheet

Olympiad BCI managed FOF (Reg 28 compliant)

Fund Factsheet

Olympiad BCI worldwide Flexible FOF

Olympiad offers two unit trusts, Olympiad BCI Managed FOF (Reg 28 compliant) and Olympiad BCI Worldwide Flexible FOF. These unit trusts target positive returns over rolling 12 months (Olympiad BCI Managed FOF) and 18 months (Olympiad BCI Flexible FOF). These unit trusts employ the same strategies as the old AJ Wrap Funds. Only regulated CIS and EFT’s invested in.

As a relatively small boutique investment  manager we have the skill and ability to move in or out of asset classes or to take significant positions in relatively small asset classes e.g SA listed properties – something large managed funds will find difficult if not impossible to do.

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